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Our Story

Improving the lives of seniors

Improving the lives of seniors

Working in collaboration with health care professionals and seniors in the community, our collections integrate the necessities with special touches to transform any room into a homey living space.

These collections are the first step in our mission.
Stay tuned for more activities and collections to use once your loved one is settled in.


Dawn Whiteman 

I watched my Mum go from a mentor, wife, friend, and scrabble master, to a patient in a Nursing Home. An exhausting 14 hour day focused on getting her organized as a resident, leaving little time to hold her hand and make her feel at home. I devoted the next four weekends to frantically searching different stores for simple, usable décor items that would make my Mum’s room feel less like a hospital.  This was valuable time spent away from her when she needed me most. These collections were inspired by my experience and witnessing how the simple things that reinforce the feeling of home, can bring joy and a feeling of love.


Angela Lowe 

I’ve always had a very close relationship with my grandfather, and my memories of his wisdom, bravery and pride are some of my fondest. When the day came for him to move into a Nursing Home as a result of his dementia, we all felt his pain and sadness. I lived 5 hours away, and couldn’t help out as much as I would have liked. Through a long process of trial and error, we slowly discovered which products worked best for him and his new home. These collections would have been the perfect way for me to help him and my family. Above all, I wanted my grandfather to feel close to the ones who love him, even when distance separated us.